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WARNING TO AMERICA [What you were not supposed to know]: America's original, organic, founding fathers inspired 'states compact' created United States of America Federal governance was unlawfully and secretly replaced by a fascist COUNTERFEIT de facto Governance system in the 1860's which has since been increasingly operated by Constitutionally banned foreign agents [See TONA link below for original Cons. of ONLY XIII lawfully ratified Articles].

This de facto Corporate governance is orchestrated by America's original Crown - Vatican enemies. A Luciferian Cult [Babylonian Talmud inspired aka Synagogue of Satan], a parasitic invader that unlawfully established de facto Corporate rule over America

Talmudic Zionist corporate codes are masquerading as law applicable to the American people, which it is not. This entire Matrix like system now orchestrated over us by the DC Based United States of Israel Corporation (hereafter USRael) and its fifty de facto Sub-Corporations., known as STATE OF STATE Corps., are ran by Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion practicing synagogue of Satan, Talmudic Zionists. This counterfeit Scam Gov. Co system is under control of the Black Nobility Roman Luciferian Cult family created UN Corps. [Crown (Vatican) etc.]

This 150+ year old monumental fraud has been orchestrated over the people of America WITHOUT the American peoples knowledge, consent or understanding. It is now becoming increasingly known that the elite running this system over America are actively engaged in Child sacrificing, child murderer, Human Trafficking and have openly been engaged in orchestrating Rothschilds UN orchestrated Genocide events (Agenda 21-2030) over American and people of the world!

The constitutionally-banned foreign agents masquerading as Government, have replaced our Natural, Biblical inspired Law form with a twisted Talmudic bent commercial law system illegally foisted over America (aka Law Merchant). Constitutionally banned foreign agents have been literally farming America and Americans ever since they usurped control of the original Federal Governance.  That masquerading as Government is engaged in Human Trafficking EVERY American [See Edward Mandel House Quote].

These parasites will succeed in raising up their New World Order Slave System if Americans on mass do not unlearn, wake up, and realize what our enemies did to us all while they distracted us, just like they are doing, now relying on the Rockefeller, Gates, WEF, Rothschilds'-UN-CDC-FAUCI-BIRX-CROWN etc... GOV-ID-1984 FAKE PLANDEMIC.

Americans can take back all of our nations by standing on our Organic Common law foundations (Great example from England, Great Example from Canada and America) on which they were founded upon and trying the criminal parasites that violated our organic natural law systems [English Common Law].  

In America, we have already enacted remedies in place to eradicate the Swamp over night! 

Remedy one [Live link to Gov. archived records]: Titles of Nobility Act. enacted 1810, constitutional law from 1819. 

Remedy two [Live link]: 10 U.S. Code § 253 - Interference with State and Federal law

Truth about the militia: Title 10 U.S.C. Sec.  1046  

WAKE UP AMERICA and especially Californians: Cabal RICO's controlled STATE OF STATES de facfo Government Corporations like Commiefornia, through a 5th column constititutionally-banned foreign agents are undeniably engaged in orchestrating Firestorms statewide Governor NWOsom is using GOV-ID-1984 manufactured Plandemic to deliberately create chaos as a Cover Campaign to move forward the New World Order Agenda.

The current manufactured season of turmoil in Commiefornia, exists to Steal every election advantage NWOsom and his cronnies can get away with. The goal is to advance the Ongoing Black Nobility Communist New World Order Takeover of America and to Covertly Transfer Sovereignty to the Black Nobility Rothschilds' United Nations Corporation, a front for the Black Nobility long planned New World Order which has been masquerading as a Global peace keeping force.

The Good News, foreign agent, Socialists under the STATE OF CALIFORNIA  (DC Corp.) were banned from American Governance since 1819 under the Titles of Nobility Act as you can see for yourself by following the links found below in the menu section of this site.

Now you know why our enemies domestic tried to bury TONA's existence post civil war Coup of America's lawful Governance.

Those masquerading as Government, violating the organic laws of the nation ARE NOT an American Government, they are actors and "Enemies Foreign and Domestic".

Do not consent to actors pumping out corporate rules and codes, which is masqueraded as law! Be clear - we are being ruled by parasites fronting a vast un-elected shadow Government moving forward the New World Order plot against humanity 

The UN was banned from American Governance since 1819 under the Titles of Nobility Act. It has no legitimacy in America!

Now you know why our enemies domestic tried to bury TONA's existence post the so called civil war Coup of America's lawful Governance. Those violating the organic laws of the nation ARE NOT an American Government, they are "Enemies Foreign and Domestic". Do not consent to rule by Constitutionally Banned foreign agents.

World War III is being waged upon us by enemies Foreign and Domestic! This war started at the usurpation of our original, organic government in the 1860's! 

Our enemies are pushing for an end game to take over America and bring forward their New World Order. 

UNLEARN, RE-EDUCATE....                                                                AND SHARE THIS INFORMATION...